today i feel better

yesterday i woke up

and the voices in my head were louder than i’ve ever heard

somewhere someone must have been running a sale on bullhorns and amplifiers

in some store where these obnoxious voices shop for ways to be cruel

the voices screamed and marched

and told me i was no good

i told them i already knew this

still, they insisted, i was no good

so i lay on the couch

pillow on my head

afraid of taking the small ten steps to the kitchen

i might misplace my feet and trip

wouldn’t that give the voices something to talk about

so i lay on the couch.

and the voices got louder

as i panicked and shook

and stuttered and looked

for a way to prove the voices correct

they eventually stopped

thank God for my Love

who helped shut them up

today i feel better

tomorrow we’ll see

but the future seems easier

when you’re next to me